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For a better service if you are looking for a Laptop or Desktop PC part, please provide the brand, model and serial number/service tag (if possible) of your device so we can respond to your question or concern.

We will reply to you as soon as possible.


Product Name / Model - Serial Number / Service Tag

(This information is usually found on a sticker located in the back, side, or bottom of your product, in some laptop models you will need to remove your laptops battery)


Computer Laptop Model Information Sticker Serial Number



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WARNING: we've been informed of fraudulent people offering computer repair services utilizing our business name "PC Solution". The calls are made from a number outside of Texas, they ask you to send them your equipment to get repaired and bill your credit card. PC Solution DOES NOT do any advertising by phone and disclaims any activity associated with this. Please contact us for any further information. Thank you. Ph: (956) 483-1399